Our ZIGGY helps animals in need!

Ziggy and myself

With every ZIGGY Book, you’ll make a child happy, help him/her learning a foreign language and help an animal in need.

ZIGGY Bücher in der Schweiz helfen dem Bärenland Arosa: online Shop
unsere ZIGGY Bücher gibt es zudem in den folgenden Buchläden in der Schweiz:
Bücher Scheidegger, Obere Bahnhofstrasse 10, 8910 Affoltern am Albis
Orell Füssli orellfuessli.ch
EX LIBRIS Ziggy – Activity Book
EX LIBRIS Run Ziggy Run – Taschenbuch

Follow Ziggy Book ISBN: 978-3-9524704-2-8

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ZIGGY Activity Book ISBN: 978-3-9524704-1-1

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Buchvorstellung ZIGGY BOOKS

Kinderbuch Vorstellung / Book release – ZIGGY BOOKS
Language: German / English

Autoren / authors: Miriam S. Reed & Michael A. Reed
Illustrators / writers: Miriam S. Reed & Michael A. Reed
Publisher & online bookstore: REEDaround Books
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ZIGGY Books sind hier erhältlich: Bärenland Arosa
Buchläden in der Schweiz: Orell Füssli Bellevue, Ex Libris online und Scheidegger Buchhandlung in Affoltern am Albis.

The proceeds go to animal rescue organisations / der Gewinn geht in den Tierschutz

ZIGGY in the media


Short translation in English: Miriam S. Reed is helping animals in need with her ZIGGY books. Her illustrated bilingual stories are helping children learn a foreign language while educating them about animal shelters.

Miriam S. Reed is making free school visits in Switzerland and reading directly to the children. Her fun ZIGGY puppet seems to be the star for the kids but, they’re also enjoying the true story about ZIGGY, as it has a happy end!

A drawing competition will soon be announced with lots of fun prizes for kids (and adults) allover the world. STAY TUNED at Z-DOG.ORG

THE PROCEEDS of all sales go to animal rescue organisations/der Gewinn geht in den Tierschutz:
Online stores: Book Depository InternationalREEDaround Bookstore AMAZON Deutschland

ZIGGY eBOOK: APPLE IBooks: Apple IBook store

FOUR PAWS / VIER PFOTEN: Arosa Bärenland Switzerland

Bookstores in Switzerland addresses:
Orell Füssli Theaterstrasse 8, 8001 Zürich
Bücher Scheidegger Obere Bahnhofstrasse 10, 8910 Affoltern am Albis

Artikel in den Schweizer Medien / Article in in the Swiss Media – download PDF:

RUN ZIGGY RUN E-Book now available in over 30 countries internationally!

Our bilingual English/German RUN ZIGGY RUN E-Book is now available internationally at Amazon, Kindle Shop, Tolino Shops, Apple iBooks and Kobo in the USA & Canada.
RUN ZIGGY RUN E-Book is available during the next 56 days for only 2.99 Euro and after that for 4.99 Euro. 🙂 Make a child happy and safe a dog in need – thank you for your support! (the proceeds go to animal rescue organisations)

RUN ZIGGY RUN eBook ISBN: 978-3-9524704-3-5

APPLE IBooks – Published by REEDaround Books: Apple IBook store

RUN ZIGGY RUN in the media

RUN ZIGGY RUN: Bilingual German/English reading adventure for kids 4 – 8 years old / Zweisprachiges Deutsch/Englisches Lern-Abenteuer für Kinder von 4 bis 8 Jahre alt

RUN ZIGGY RUN books help animals in need / RUN ZIGGY RUN hilft Tieren in Not!

RUN ZIGGY RUN books help animals in need

Every book sold, helps an animal in need, Thank you / Jedes verkaufte Buch hilft einem Tier in Not, Danke!

AMAZON: Germany / Deutschland

International store: RUN ZIGGY RUN International Store (The proceeds go to animal rescue / unser Gewinn in den Tierschutz)

Store in Germany: HUGENDUBEL Deutschland (The proceeds go to animal rescue / unser Gewinn in den Tierschutz)

Store in Switzerland: EX LIBRIS, Schweiz (The proceeds go to animal rescue / unser Gewinn in den Tierschutz)